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Hestevard BozMerix Case Studies

Hestevard BozMerix Case Studies

bozmerix equine mobility supplement“I have an 18 year old retired KWPN showjumper with arthritic changes who was becoming increasingly grumpy in the stable. All veterinary treatment had been exhausted. I had wondered whether discomfort might be causing some of her mood. I have tried her on BozMerix for a number of weeks now as I want her to be as comfortable as possible, now she seems considerably less so and generally much happier in herself. She is a fussy eater and I have no problem with adding it to her feed.”

“Our 14 year old thoroughbred, used to be used for eventing but has now stepped down to general hacking/riding club etc. Yesterday we lunged him for the first time since starting the BozMerix and for the first time in four months he was sound in front! Fingers crossed this carries on helping for his navicular problems.”

“I have been using BozMerix for almost 2 months now under vets instructions for my 11 year old Gelding Cob that was showing signs of slight intermittent lameness in the hind legs and lack of wanting to move forward. First month was two sachets a day, one in each feed (breakfast and dinner). I found BozMerix to have a very strong aroma and initially my pony was wary of this since the aroma was putting him off his feed but once he had tried the feed then he didn't seem to mind the taste. We are now on the second month of treatment so only one sachet a day spilt between two feeds it’s a lot more palatable and my pony does not even notice it now and does not bother him and just tucks into his feeds as normal. I have completed one unaffiliated walk and trot dressage test since my pony has been on BozMerix and I did feel that he was moving forward a little more and seemed to be more responsive off my leg and the great news was that the there was no notice/comments of lameness or not tracking up properly from the judges. I am now looking forward to see how much he improves even further in another month time (that will then be 3 months on BozMerix), when he has had time to strengthen up more in his paces for more dressage, so hoping to try a prelim test sometime this year once we have taught him to canter. Fingers crossed it continues to help my boy!!!”

“Fantastic product my 22 year old TB ex eventer, has been suffering with arthritis for 3 years, after 2 weeks of him being on this he is sound! After 4 weeks I have even been about get back on and have a little wander around the arena on him!”

“Our vet has highly recommended this product to try on our 20yr old warm blood who has been diagnosed with arthritis. We started using BozMerix at the beginning of Jan instead of bute and we are looking forward to having good results, he already looks to be improving. “

“My 18year old show jumping mare suffered a career ending injury 18 months ago. She was receiving NSAIDs every day and still showed a debilitating lameness. Since starting BozMerix 2 months ago, I have been able to wean her off the bute, the lameness has mildly improved and her demeanour is better. Given the concern about using NSAIDs long term I am thrilled that she no longer required bute and appears more comfortable. The other benefit is that she eats it without a fight!”

“I was sceptical about trying Harvey on a supplement as after 6 years of trying different vet treatments not a lot had been successful. I have to say I was very excited to have 3 successful schooling sessions in a row, it couldn't be a fluke! He is more willing to work and a lot more supple when moving him around, I also think he seems much happier in himself. Glad I tried BozMerix when I did, he feels the best he has felt in a very long time”

“Dallas – 14.2hh Welsh Sec D 19 Year old Dressage Pony Competing at Medium level – I decided to try BozMerix as Dallas is unable to have any joint injections due to his health issues and repeated laminitis. He was beginning to show signs of stiffness and it took 20 mins plus to warm up in my lessons. Dallas has now been on BozMerix almost 2 months and after 3 weeks I began to notice a difference in his suppleness 1 month into Dallas using BozMerix I had a lesson with Leanne Wall who is a list 1 judge and knows Dallas and the way he goes. After about 10 mins into the lesson she started saying how much more supple he looked and was really working over his back. I hadn’t mentioned to anyone about him trying a new supplement. 7 weeks on and Dallas continues to improve in the way he is going. His canter has become more uphill. Leanne actually said she can’t believe the way he is now going at 19. I will be continuing to use BozMerix as I have a very happy lively bouncy 19 year old!”

“I have been using BozMerix for the last 6 weeks after recommendation from my super vets! My warmblood mare, Atlanta, is 22 this year but you’d never know it! She has had a few different careers in her life, starting out as a show jumper and was kept as a broodmare before becoming a dressage diva with me. At the end of 2018 she injured her collateral ligament and pedal bone and the investigation for this revealed several bony changes due to age as well as the soft tissue damage. I have always had her on a joint supplement however at Christmas (when she re-injured her collateral ligament) I was advised to try BozMerix and am already seeing an improvement in her general condition and stiffness as well as now being sound again!”

“I have been really pleased with it so far. My eventer has been weaned off bute and gabapentin and after 2 weeks on 2 sachet BozMerix is now on 1 sachet daily. He's going really well and I haven't noticed a difference in his way of going since stopping the bute which is positive. He can be fussy eater as well but has been eating this well.”