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Case Study

My 5* eventer had suffered with both squamous and pyloric ulcers for several years resulting in poor appetite, poor condition and tightness when ridden, despite continuing to perform well at top level. The ulcers always resolved to pharmaceutical treatment but, despite management changes, each time we discontinued treatment his appetite would slowly drop off again and repeat gastroscopy revealed return of the ulcers.

Not usually a supplement fan, I carefully searched for a gastric supplement with the correct balance of prebiotics, antacids and gastric protectants to try and help me prevent recurrence. I settled on Exagus and started using it in the build up to Badminton Horse Trials 2 years ago (alongside pharmaceutical treatment) to help treat his grade 3 ulcers which resolved incredibly rapidly, so we cautiously stopped medication and kept him on Exagus alone. It was amazing (and a great relief) to see him continue to gain condition and keep up his brilliant appetite and performance on the Exagus, repeat gastroscopy 3 months later confirmed no recurrence of ulceration despite a very busy eventing season and no further treatment.

For the last 18 months I have used Exagus consistently and have had no recurrence of any gastric ulceration; it's a great to have him feeling so well without having to resort to pharmaceutical medication – he has a great appetite, has needed less hard feed this year, is in the best condition ever and certainly feels amazing in his work.

I use the Exagus pellets on a daily basis throughout the eventing season and when we go to competitions I substitute the morning Exagus pellets for the Exagus paste to give us that bit extra protection (from the Slippery Elm) and to be sure he is covered as the excitement of an event often prevents him eating his morning feed!!

We are very much looking forward to Badminton 2021 and Exagus will be an essential part of his daily feed both at home and at competitions.

Equine vet